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Certified Stage Hypnosis Course

Certified Stage Hypnosis Courses Presented by Attila J. Kun
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Attila J. Kun is offering Professional Stage Hypnosis Training since 1996 & Hypnotherapy Courses since 2006 through approved Hypnotism Institutions (HTIof Alberta Canada, and ACHE USA).

Stage Hypnosis Training, Course Content

Stage hypnosis course will give you the knowledge of creating group presentations with your hypnosis skills.
Use this concept to create seminars and demonstrations for schools, universities, colleges or even corporate workshops.

  • Getting started
  • How to build a successful stage hypnosis show
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Selecting the people who are going to work for you
  • The technical settings of your show (props, music, lights)
  • Understanding the different levels of trance
  • How to deal with a variety of audiences
  • Understanding your volunteers and their characteristics
  • How to get a FULL stage
  • Creating ice breakers
  • Who can be hypnotized?
  • Suggestibility tests, group tests
  • Inductions, visualization and developing different induction styles
  • Dealing with audience members who get hypnotized
  • Deepening techniques, conditioning the trance
  • Open eye suggestions
  • Anchoring your suggestion, the physical touch
  • How to keep them in trance for long time
  • Who is really in control?
  • Sleep music, post hypnotic suggestions, call backs
  • The “One Step Ahead Principle”
  • Middle of the show/intermission, keeping them in the house
  • One second inductions (rapid techniques)
  • Creating the “Pandemonium Effect”
  • Building a show Finale, (who are the Stars of the Show)?
  • Presenting suggestions and how to make them effective
  • Removing suggestions
  • Ethics – Suggestions – Responsibilities
  • The legal side
  • About the entertainment industry and the competition
  • Booking agencies and how to deal with them
  • The power of selling your show, how to market yourself
  • How to develop showmanship, improvisation
  • So you think you now know everything? Troubleshooting
  • How to handle resistance, and still be able to run a successful show
  • How to run a safe stage hypnosis show
  • The absolute Yes’s and No’s in stage hypnosis
  • 27 years of real life stories that I have seen and heard
  • 300 show routines


Considered the Number 1. Stage Hypnosis Course around the world.


5 to 6 Days Class from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

A professional Stage Hypnosis Certificate will be presented to every person attending this course as well as a Continuing Education Certificate.

You will learn classic RAPID INDUCTIONS and 15 NEW ONE SECOND INDUCTIONS Trade Mark and only available from ATTILA.


  • Attila’s 217 pages Course Manual
  • Gil Boyne and Ormond McGill Show DVD
  • A Full Script of Gil Boyne’s Famous Stage Hypnosis Show

Part 1: Gil Boyne’s Stage Show with detailed written analysis by Ormond McGill Part 2: Complete Ormond Mcgill Stage Hypnosis Show

  • Ormond McGill Book – Professional Stage Hypnotism
  • Attila’s “Name Quiz” Mind Reading Effect

MP3 sound collection, 8 DVD-set of the course, A DVD of Three 90 minute shows from Attila.

  • 1.) Full Stage Show Induction
  • 2.) One Second Induction
  • 3.) Pandemonium-Finale,

A DVD of Attila’s Trade Mark “One Second Inductions”, Teaching with Gil Boyne

One MP3 Disk of Attila’s 5 Self-Help Programs, Including Office World Scripts and right of duplications to –

  • 1.) Become Smoke Free,
  • 2.) Reshape Your Body,
  • 3.)Study & Concentration,
  • 4.) Relaxation,
  • 5.) Gain Self Confidence

Fee: $ 1,895.00

FAST TRACK – 2 Days Class (HYP FT-2)

On locations around the world, see course schedule below
Attila’s Stage Hypnosis – 123 pages Course Manual

One DVD of Three 90 minute shows from Attila

  • 1.) Full Stage Show Induction,
  • 2.) One Second Induction,
  • 3.) Pandemonium-Finale

Fee: $ 795.00



Nothing like, to learn privately in the privacy of your choice of place, anywhere in the world. Flexible schedule to your needs.
There are many people who do not like the idea of public learning. This is the THIRD YEAR Attila is offering this opportunity to anyone who is interested to learn Stage Hypnotism. Includes all materials as the Master Class. HTIA Certified.

Call to Schedule

Fee: $ 4,995.00


File transfer Flash Video 123 pages Course Manual and PDF,
via Skype with Attila, flexible schedule to meet your needs

Call to Schedule

TOLL FREE Canada/USA: 1-866-648-9789

Fee: $ 595.00

DISTANT TRAINING – 5 Days Class from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (HYP DT-5)

8 DVD set with 230 pages Course Manual, Materials by Air Mail
via Skype with Attila, flexible schedule to meet your needs

Fee: $ 1,095.00 + UPS shipping


20 DVD set with 230 pages book, Details at Attila’s Online Store Our Products


  • A Set of 20 DVD of Attila’s 5 Days Stage Hypnosis Master Class
  • 217 Pages Course Manual – Stage Hypnosis Book written by Attila
  • A CD Full of MP3 Sound Files to Produce your Own Show (FREE gift)
  • 35 Hours Audio CD of the Course
  • A Bonus DVD disk with Gil Boyne and Attila Teaching Together
  • Name Quiz a Mentalist Mind Reading Effect included in the manual
  • Certificate for the rights to use Attila’s registered Trade Mark the One Second Induction.


  • 5 DVD of of Attila’s 90 Minute Shows
  • Disk 1. – Full Show Induction
  • Disk 2. – One Second Induction
  • Disk 3. – Pandemonium Effects
  • Disk 4. – Corporate Show
  • Disk 5. – High School Show

Fee: $ 949.50

Hungarian Course – HTIA Certified
Magyarul Show Hipnózis Tanfolyam – HTIA Okleveles (HYP HUN 501)

Szinpadi Hipnózis Mester Tanfolyam (50 hrs / 5 napos) Feltétele a HYP 203, vagy HYP 204, Ára: 1,895 CAD (oklevéllel) PROFESSIONAL STAGE HYPNOTIST-(PROFESSZIONÁLIS SHOW HIPNOTIZÕR)
Kizárólagosan csak hipnoterapeuta, pszichologus, pszichiáter vagy medikál doktor vehet részt ezen a tanfolyamon.


Anny Slegten
Director of Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta
anny slegten

Attila is Excellent and teaching it since 1996 in Canada.

Robert Otto
Past president of The International
Hypnosis Hall of Fame Guild Inc.
President of IMDHA and IACT

Best stage show I’ve seen, keep up the good work. 2006 California

Gil Boyne
Executive Director, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
gil boyne ache

To Attila a Colleague and Friend. You are the Premiere Stage Hypnotist, # 1.

Dr. John Butler
PhD, (Lond), MBSH, CHT, MA, BA (Hons.), DHP, Dip, A.T., Department of Anatomy & Human Sciences
dr. butler

I’ve read through your stage hypnosis manual and it’s the best I’ve read on the subject.


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