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Magic Classes and Magic Courses for Kids and Adults

Learn Classical Stage Magic, Comedy Magic or Close-Up Magic Classes for Kids and Adults Windsor, LaSalle, Ontario

Attila J. Kun offers large variety of Magic Lessons in Canada, USA.

Each class is 90 minutes long. After 10 classes you will be able to entertain your friends, perform and charge for Birthday parties.
The participants must practice and perfect the learned skills at home. Classes maximum 5 students. Kids and Adult classes are separate
Materials extra cost or you bring the requiried items.
Schedule is flexible from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM – to 8:00 PM start


Wearing Gloves

Performer enters stage wearing gloves which he removes and upon tossing them forward they change into two silks, or streamers.



A paper sheet with 5 different colored markings shown, then rolled into a tube. A magician drops a white ping pong ball in the tube which it color to blue. The ball is dropped through the tube repeatedly, changing color every time. The last time it turns back to white. What happened?… The magician rolls out the paper only to see that the colored markings have turned white.

This effect is dedicated to the Szabo’s “Figaro Magic Shop” Hungary as it is a variation of their idea.



A confetti filled galss placed on the table and covered with a silk. Magician shows an egg closing his hand around it and with other hand takes a fan and waves it toward the the egg which turns into a veritable snowstorm of confetti. The hand containing the egg is shown empty and the silk removed from the glass revealing the confetti has disappeared and its place an egg. The egg is proved to be real and is cracked open into the glass.
This trick is dedicated to the Famous Hungarian Magic Master “Rodolfo”, as it is a variation of his idea.


Ribbon Tricks

Two 8′ long ribbons are displayed and burnt in half. The burnt ends are placed together and trimmed off with a pair of scissors. The opposite ends are gathered as the center is droped to reveal the ribbons are restored. The ribbons are separated and shown openly.
This trick is dedicated to my Famous Hungarian Magic Teacher “Hollay Istvan”, as it is a variation of his routine. This is not the Tarbell version.


Clean Effect

Performer shows both hands completely empty. A piece of tissue paper is lit and from the flash of fire, a one hundred dollar bill is produced. The paper transfered to money. No thumb tips, nor gimmicks. Clean pure effect.

Beautiful money production – Magic Club at San Diego, Cal.
Amazed and fooled all of us – Red Deer Magic Convention


Clean Effect

A red tipped and a blue tipped paper cone are shown. Both are empty. A red silk placed into a red tipped cone and a blue silk is placed into the blue tipped cone. the cones are handed to two spectators to hold. Upon the magicians command the silks invisibly change places.

Can be used to transfer spectators signed card, watches, wallets any objects what fit inside.
This affect really baffled my friend Shawn Farquhar at Monterey Bay, California at the PCAM convention.
This trick is dedicated to the Famous Hungarian Magic Master “Rodolfo”, as it is a variation of his idea.


Clean Effect

The magician shows a lit candle, covers it for a second with a jumbo card and in a flash of fire, the candle turns into a card silk.

This trick is dedicated to my magic friend the man who inspired me and had a chance to perform with him “Fantasio”, as it is utilizing his invention the “Fantasio Vanishing Candle”.


Clean Effect

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